SAIF’s Dialogue with Department of Work and Pensions

August 19, 2014   //   No Comments

SAIF’s Executive Chairman Alun Tucker has been developing a relationship with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to help overcome issues encountered by members when dealing with the DWP.

Alun recently held a meeting with Dilwyn Clements, Head of Social Fund & Secondary Benefits at the DWP to raise several areas of concern:

  • Why has the letter advising of an imminent bank transfer payment and showing the name of the deceased stopped?  It transpires this may only affect some areas of the country.
  • Delays in dealing with payments
  • Can Funeral Directors be advised when a claim is refused?
  • Could a dedicated telephone line/email address be set up for Funeral Director enquiries only?

Mr Clements will be looking into these topics and SAIF will update members when we receive a response.  Since their move to centralise all social fund claims to Balham, the DWP have recruited 60 additional staff and, after training, this will increase the speed at which claims are dealt with.

Watch this space for news as it becomes available.

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