SAIF greetings from Swansea and Wakefield

July 17, 2014   //   No Comments

SAIF’s regional meeting road show goes from strength to strength, visiting Swansea and Wakefield in June

Thank you to Members for their exceptitowers againonal support of our Regional Meetings, with increased number of attendees on last year. Over 40 people joined us at the Towers Hotel, Swansea on 12th June for an update on SAIF, Golden Charter and short presentations by Associate Members, including Brian Hart of SAIFInsure. SAIF continues to be strong in Wales and members are now looking forward to their SAIF Christmas Dinner in November.

Thirty six delegates attended our Wakefield meeting at The Holiday Inn on 18th June. Guests listened to an informative talk by Aidan Hindley of the Leeds Gift 2 Research Tissue Project at the University of Leeds. This service collects human tissues donated as a resource for doctors and scientists to increase their knowledge and treatment of disease.

Much discussion took place over changes to laws regarding Credit Licencing and collection of payments, church fees and the opening times of Crematoria.


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