Help SAIF to help you – keep your inspection appointment

July 22, 2014   //   No Comments

At SAIF we are proud of our Quality Assurance Programme.  It represents a significant portion of our outgoings, paid for by your subscriptions.  Please help us to keep these costs low and to maintain the high standards as expected from SAIF members.

The inspectors are a small team of funeral directors who cover large areas of the country, entailing huge amounts of travelling and often, overnight stays too.  In the main, inspectors find the role pleasant and rewarding, meeting SAIF members and prospective members, advising and guiding on legislation and best practice, but they are experiencing an increasing number of cancellations, which costs the inspectors valuable time and costs SAIF money.  This week an inspector had three out of four inspections cancelled on one day.

Within one day, inspectors will complete an average of four inspections and with many hours of driving, an exact arrival time is difficult to guarantee.  We do understand that sometimes cancellations may be unavoidable but please do everything you can to accommodate the inspectors.   Please remember:

  • The business owner does not have to be present during the inspection, many visits take place in the presence of a member of staff.
  • ‘The premises are under renovation’ does not mean that an inspection cannot take place. If you are using the premises for funerals then we can visit them. Indeed around 30% of businesses we visit are undergoing some form of work (an indication of the high standards of our members).
  • The inspector is not there to catch you out. Please view our visits as a service that you pay for through your subscriptions, to provide you with the best advice and check that you haven’t missed something important. After all, you’re busy running your business, it can be difficult to find the time to stay on top of changing requirements.
  • If in doubt, please contact us. The staff at SAIF Business Centre are always at the end of the telephone.



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