Your help is urgently needed

June 16, 2014   //   No Comments

The All Party Parliamentary Funeral and Bereavement Group is holding an inquiry into delays between death and the burial or cremation of the deceased.  Your response is needed by 25th June.

The All Party Parliamentary Funeral and Bereavement Group is concerned about the increase in the time taken between death and a burial or cremation.  The Funerals and Bereavement Group acts as a forum for the discussion of funeral and bereavement issues in the UK Parliament. Its membership is cross-party and includes representatives from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The Group is to hold an inquiry to understand the reasons for the delays and provide recommendations on how they can be reduced. The inquiry will focus on funerals in England and Wales only.  They have asked SAIF to respond and we therefore ask members to please answer the following questions wherever possible pertaining to their particular area so that we may put together an overall picture.

1/         What is the average number of days between death and a burial or cremation in your area?

2/         Does sufficient data exist to monitor delays?

3/         What are the reasons for the increasing time between death and a funeral?

4/         Will the Government proposals for death certification reduce or increase the time between death and a funeral?

5/         Do the requirements of Social Fund applications cause delays in holding a funeral and what changes could be made to its administration to reduce delays?

6/         What impact do delays have on the bereaved families?

7/         What are the economic and other costs of delays in funerals?

8/         Are there sufficient crematoria across England and Wales to cope with requirements?

9/         Is there sufficient availability of core slots at crematoria?

10/       What changes could be introduced to stakeholders involved in the burial and cremation process to reduce delays?

Please email your response to Alun Tucker Executive Chairman –

by Wednesday 25th June.