SAIF and Secure

June 25, 2014   //   No Comments

With the change from CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) to DBS (Disclose and Barring Service), SAIF have renewed their contract with Exerian for the updated checks.

We are pleased to advise that we can offer this service to SAIF Members at a discounted fee of only £25 per application. The name badge is £8, so for just £33 you can have a member of staff wearing a distinctive ID badge when visiting a client in their home.

The procedure is simple: contact SAIF Business Centre with the name of the applicant. A link onto the Experian website will be emailed to you (or your member of staff) for them to complete and send off with the required documents. Experian will contact you (or the applicant) direct.

SAIF have a bespoke home page with Experian enabling us to see the status of the application, although we can’t see any of the personal details. Once the application has been processed, SAIF will invoice you.

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