‘Postcode lottery’ in funeral costs in Scotland

June 24, 2014   //   No Comments

A new report by Citizens Advice Scotland shows that there is a ‘postcode lottery’ in funeral costs in Scotland, with families in some areas having to pay 300% more than those just a few miles away.

Susan McPhee, CAS Head of Policy says, “People who have never organised a funeral are often shocked at how expensive it is… ..So it’s even worse to discover that some people are being charged significantly more in burial costs than those in other areas – even just a few miles away. For example the most expensive Council, East Dunbartonshire, charges £2,716 – almost four times as much as the lowest-charging Council (Western Isles), and 280% more than nearby East Renfrewshire. This means there is only seven miles between the most expensive place to be buried on mainland Scotland and the cheapest.”

CAS has found an increase in 27% in the past year of people contacting branches about their difficulties in paying for a loved one’s funeral. It has also discovered that, despite the current financial difficulties faced by many families, up to 50% of applications for special assistance are being turned down.

CAS are calling for a number of measures to take the financial sting out of bereavement. They are also encouraging Scots of all ages to consider what they wish to happen to them when they die and discuss that with family or friends.

The full CAS report may be read here.

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