What Price A Funeral?

May 27, 2014   //   No Comments

‘Direct Cremation’ seems to be a growing business but who are conducting these funerals?

Run a search on the internet and you will find prices as low as £949, which includes the cremation fee but not doctors’ fees or minister’s fee.  With trading names such as ‘cheapfuneralsuk’, ‘cheapukfunerals’, ‘BB funerals’, ‘Low cost funerals’, ‘Best Price funerals,’ what does the future hold for the funeral profession?

Most of those names mentioned are ‘faceless’ companies but provide a service for those who want to dispose of their loved one with minimal arrangements.  I suspect, in some cases, these will be well known funeral directors, using the internet to acquire business which will fill their spare time. Hence, no mourners and a cremation time to suit the funeral director.

If this is to be the changing face of the funeral profession, should consideration be given to amending the definition of the Simple (Basic) funeral as stated in the Code of Practice?  Should the specification be changed to the requirements of a ‘Direct Cremation’?

What impact, if any, could this have on pre-paid funerals? As knowledge of ‘Direct Cremation’ becomes more in the public domain will we be asked to provide for these in our plan sales?

Interesting times!

Alun Tucker, Executive Chairman

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