Toiletries Invoice Scam

May 14, 2014   //   No Comments

Thanks to member Steve Cavilla of G & L Evans in Swindon alerting us to a spam email from Broad Oak Toiletries.

We have also received these emails at SAIF; they are from a Sue Mockridge from Broad Oak Toiletries regarding an outstanding invoice.  The website explains that if you open the attachment to the email, you will unknowingly infect your computer with several viruses, which can gather information from your computer and send it to a remote machine and send out spam emails from your computer.

Beware of any unsolicited emails you receive containing attachments.  Do not open the attachments, particularly zip files, unless you are confident of the source.

Broad Oak Toiletries does exist and they have an answerphone message and advert on their website about the problem.



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