EU VAT Registration Scam

May 12, 2014   //   No Comments

Thanks to Robert Andrews, Company Solicitor of HL Hawes & Son, for the warning about registering for VAT under EU Law.

Robert reports, “We received an official looking document from the “European Central Register of the Collation and Publication of VAT Registration Numbers,” based in Vienna telling us that we must confirm our VAT registration details under EU law.”

Robert thought it looked suspicious but couldn’t find any references to it on the internet. Further investigation revealed a reference on a German language website.  The scam is in the small print; if you complete and return the form you commit to paying 900 Euros for being entered onto the fake register.  The copy HL Hawes received was anglicised and requested payment of £760. There is an official looking website, although the design is somewhat amateurish and there are no contact details.

The address on the letter is Landestrasse Hauptstrasse, Vienna which proves to be an address run by an organisation shown as “my virtual office.”

It looks as though this scam has started to spread from Europe to the UK and Robert felt that it should be more widely publicised.




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