Where’s Wally?

April 15, 2014   //   No Comments

For those of you who were not at the Banquet in Southport, you will have no understanding of the title of my notes this month! Thanks to a freudian slip by the Toastmaster, in front of 300 people, I get the feeling Wally is going to stick throughout the year!

We had a great weekend with a high level of attendance and No Snow! (just thick fog).  On Sunday morning, it was my pleasure to install my officers, Gemma O’Driscoll, from Llanelli, as 1st Vice President, Paul Allcock, from Norwich, as 2nd Vice President and Richard “Dickers” Edwards as Immediate Past President. Once again we were all at the mercy of Alun Tucker’s video clips. I must remember to block Alun on Facebook as it gets nearer to next year’s AGM.

Talking of which, next year’s AGM & Banquet will be held at the Beaumont Estate Hotel, Old Windsor on 21st March 2015. The location has easy access from the motorway network and is close to Heathrow Airport. No excuses, put that date in your diary now. The hotel has some fantastic meeting rooms and plenty of bedrooms, so no overflow hotels. I hope you can join Mary and myself for a weekend which will be filled with great entertainment, and the odd meeting.

My year has got off to a great start with lots of dates filling up my diary through the year. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you at the regional meetings, the first of which is at the Ramside Hall Hotel, Durham on the 30th April.

I will be raising money for the charity Crisis during my year. Crisis was founded in 1967 in response to the shocking Ken Loach film Cathy Come Home and a publicity campaign led by reforming Conservatives William Shearman and Iain Macleod highlighting the plight of homeless people. Crisis is now the national charity for single homeless people, their purpose is to end homelessness. Homelessness is devastating, leaving people vulnerable and isolated. Crisis believe everyone deserves a place to call home and the chance to live a fulfilled and active life. They help people rebuild their lives through housing, health, education and employment services. Crisis work with thousands of homeless people across the UK and have ambitious plans to work with many more. They are also determined campaigners, working to prevent people from becoming homeless and to change the way society and Government thinks and acts towards homeless people.


A new initiative for this year is to give you an insight into my world of bees.

My four hives have made it through the winter but one looks a little weak. They have been treated for Varroa (a mite) and fed with pollen to give them a head start, but again we could be in for a challenging year with the seasons all over the place. Already in Kent oil seed rape is starting to flower, months early. Hopefully we should have some honey next month. I will be giving my honey as raffle prizes at the regional meetings so here’s hoping for a bumper crop.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the regional meetings.





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