Fuel Deal for SAIF Members

February 27, 2014   //   No Comments

If you’re not already using fuel cards, then the first benefit you are missing is the potential for major cost savings. You could be enjoying pricing at up to 5p per litre less than the national averages for both diesel and petrol, or up to 10p per litre for motorway refuelling. Multiply that cost reduction by the amount of fuel you get through annually and you already have all the incentive you need for using fuel cards.

Cheaper refuelling is just the most obvious reason to talk to The Fuelcard People, our strategic fuel card partners. With their complete independence and comprehensive range, they are ideally placed to find you the best combination of service, savings and security. You also have the confidence that, whichever fuel card best suits your needs, you will not be hit with transaction charges – unlike fuel cards from some other suppliers.

Beyond the immediate cost savings, your fuel cards also make life easier in a variety of ways. How about paying M6 tolls without having to find cash or keep a receipt? What about discounts on city centre parking? These benefits, and more, are available using the same card as you use to refuel. As a customer of The Fuelcard People, you can also opt for CO2Count, the only service offering full vehicle emissions reporting to Defra standards. You are also guaranteed acceptance for the Discount Service Card, a free card that offers significant savings of up to 50% on tyres, exhausts, batteries and more.

To find out more, just call Laurel Sealey-Watler on 0844 870 8537, or visit http://www.discountfuelcards.co.uk/saif


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