STOP! Think before you part with cash.

December 10, 2013   //   No Comments

The stories of scams are pouring in from our members.  Thanks to Stewart McFarlane of Strathmore Funeral Directors for these examples.

“The caller wanted me to pay over £18,000.00 into an account by calling someone from a debt collection firm who I don’t recall the name of.  I knew we were not due any money, but when he threatened to turn up at 4.00 pm that afternoon and uplift goods to that value, I asked our lawyer to check this out.  He called back to say Manchester High Court had had several calls in the last few days all about the same thing and the calls definitely did not originate from Manchester High Court. When the scammer called back I could not possibly repeat what he was told, but sufficient to say we haven’t heard from that one again!

“We have also had several attempts to get us to pay for posters leaflets etc. Latest one we have experienced was a caller claiming to be from Yellow Pages stating that they had had a systems failure. They wanted to replace the information lost. I told them they should have had their system backed up and the caller then became abusive and told me she would cancel our entry etc. I did call Yellow pages to let them know that a scam was ongoing and they said they were not aware of it, but no call had been made from them.”


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