Update on the Implementation of Certification of Death (Scotland) Act 2011

November 6, 2013   //   No Comments

scottish parliament buildingSAIF has received news that the Scottish Government is now working towards implementation of this act by April 2015, rather than the previous goal of April 2014.  The change is due to plans to introduce electronic Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (eMCCD) forms into the NHS.

During the passage of the act in 2010, an electronic system was recommended, but at the time, the committee was unable to commit to such a solution.  However, with recent experience of the digitisation of the reporting of deaths, Michael Matheson MSP, now feels that an electronic system is possible.  Such a system would bring benefits in improving the quality and accuracy of MCCDs. 

Implementing in April 2015 will allow the committee the potential to upgrade the National Records of Scotland systems, with a view to making it possible for these systems to also use eMCCDs in the future.

There will be a further update on the situation by Michael Matheson in 2014.

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