Executive Chairman’s September Post

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Help, I need somebody

Help, not just anybody

Help, you know, I need someone


I am pleased to confirm the launch of the new SAIF HELPLINE available to all members.  In replacing the former Helpline SAIF is delighted to be able to provide an improved service details of which has been circulated.  SAIF members and their clients can use the Helpline, free of charge, for matters of Personal Legal, Taxation and Health.

Furthermore, free confidential counselling will be provided on 0117 934 2121. If further assistance is required onward referral to relevant voluntary or professional will be offered although charges will be made for this.  Enhancing our service to members SAIF is now able to provide Helpline Service for:

  • Childcare should you find yourself in urgent need
  •  Domestic Assistance in the case of a household emergency
  •  Home Help when you have cleaning or housekeeping needs
  •  Veterinary Care when your pet is injured or sick

Please note that the individual will be responsible for all costs relating to any contractor supplying these services.  These services are offered by DAS Legal Services Insurance Company Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Next month, I will be announcing three new members’ benefits as we continue to build on providing our members with services that will help in the everyday operation of their business.






The annual general meeting was on Saturday 23rd March on 2013 at 9:15am

The Agenda was as follows:

1) Introduction from executive Chairman
2) Welcome from the National President Arran Brudenell
3) Obituaries read by Vice President Richard Edwards
4) Receive apologies for absence
5)Confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 16th March

To read the rest and see a detailed overview of the AGM please download this PDF

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