September Webinar – 13th September 2017

Event Date: 13th September 2017

Time: 3-4 pm

Subject: Scotland’s Inspector of Funeral Directors – how will this affect you?
By now you’ll know about the appointment of the Natalie McKail as the First Inspector of Funeral Directors in Scotland.  This will affect not only funeral homes in Scotland but also those who conduct any cross border work, whether from Weymouth or Whitehaven.  Therefore, it is important your company is prepared for the significant step change ahead.

Mark Porteous, SAIF Scotland President will be talking about these changes and how this could affect cross border funerals and the impact the legislation could have on the rest of the UK.

During the webinar:

You’ll be able to hear and see the speaker plus the presentation slides.  You won’t be able to participate verbally in the presentation but you may comment or ask questions by typing.

Booking a place:

SAIF Members will receive an invitation by email but if you haven’t received yours, please email Angela Camp or call SAIF Business Centre on 0345 230 6777 to register your place.  Alternatively, book your place online at Eventbrite here.