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21 Nov 2017

Will you support the #BurytheDebt campaign run by the Fair Funerals Campaign? Share the video and petition

17 Nov 2017

Is there such a thing as a typical day for a funeral director? How early should we start preparing for our own death? Take a look at some of our recent guest blog posts to find out more:

16 Nov 2017

SAIF funeral directors provide compassionate support and advice on all aspects of arranging a funeral. Take a look at our video to see the many other benefits of using a SAIF independent firm. You can also find out more here:

16 Nov 2017

A very interesting and thoughtful read

10 Nov 2017

Our Independent funeral directors are often family run and their experience and expertise is passed down from generation to generation. This means they can help you fully understand all the different aspects of the funeral and the options available – allowing you to focus on what’s important: remembering your loved one. Find out more:

9 Nov 2017

A friendly and personal approach can go a long way in helping you through a difficult time. Many people find it hard to walk through the door of a funeral director and just making initial contact can be difficult. That’s why SAIF members make it a priority to ensure their premises are as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Find out more here:

9 Nov 2017

What would you say if you had #OneMoreMinute?

9 Nov 2017

How can the funeral itself help the bereaved? Read November's blog from SAIF's Paul Allcock:

3 Nov 2017

A funeral director’s role can’t be understated. First and foremost, they provide compassionate support and advice on all aspects of arranging a funeral while, behind the scenes, ensuring everything is managed on your behalf to the highest professional standards you would expect

2 Nov 2017

Independent funeral directors and known for the personal and professional service they provide to local communities up and down the country. Find your local SAIF funeral director today:

27 Oct 2017

We plan for major life events so why do we leave our funeral to chance? Download our free booklet to record your wishes here:

26 Oct 2017

Our funeral advice pages are there to help you every step of the way and answer the many questions you might have during this difficult time

18 Oct 2017

SAIF independent funeral directors play an important role in local communities up and down the UK. Click here to find one near you:

12 Oct 2017

There are many things to consider when it comes to organising a funeral...

10 Oct 2017

We all plan for every major life event from our career, marriage to retirement. So why when it comes to our funeral do so many of us leave it to chance? Recording your funeral wishes can provide a huge source of comfort for family and friends during a difficult time

10 Oct 2017

An interesting survey from CBUK. What do you think?

6 Oct 2017

SAIF independent funeral directors are flexible and responsive to your individual needs and provide a personal and compassionate service. Find out more here:

4 Oct 2017

Is there such a thing as a typical day for a funeral director? Find out here in our latest blog post:

3 Oct 2017

This webinar will be presented by Ian Cass, Managing Director of The Forum of Private Business, who has been very well received as guest speaker at several of our regional meetings around the country.

29 Sep 2017

Your local independent SAIF funeral director can help you through every stage of the funeral